QTJ 6.1 – API Documentation

Because of my Bakk-Project for university, i needed to have a look at the Quicktime Java 6.1 API Documentation but i couldn’t find it on the web. After a while i found the right reference to the API in the following book: „Quicktime for Java – A developers Notebook“ :

Where’s the API documentation? Even though QTJava.zip is all you need to compile, some documentation and demos would be really helpful, right? The good news is that there is a QTJ SDK that offers Javadocs and demos. Unfortunately, much of what’s on Apple’s web site as of this writing refers to an earlier version of QTJ that won’t work with Java 1.4 on Mac OS X.

The most complete SDK right now is labeled as the „QuickTime for Java Windows SDK,“ and is located und der following link: SDK. This package contains a complete set of current Javadocs and demos that have been updated to represent the new API calls in QTJ 6.1. You can also view the Javadoc online under the following link.

Hopefully with this post i am able to encourage an easy way to find the right API for all developers who would like to get started with Quicktime and Java.



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