Windows XP SP2 Image 4 F-R-E-E

Since I’ve installed Vista Ultimate on my notebook, by the way I’m very happy about this decision, I booked a lot of Vista Blogs to receive the newest information about the new OS. In my last post I summarized the best of these Blogs as links so if you are also interested in Vista you should have look at those links.

In one of the last posts, there was a very interesting entry about a free Windows XP SP2 Image which is provided from Microsoft for free. Under the following link you will be able to download this image for Virtual PC 2007 which also is free to download.
The XP SP2 image will be activated till July 07 but by experience there will be a new version of the image a few days before the old version will expire. Here are the links for the XP Image and Virutal PC:

From Windows
One thing: I’ve installed the image sucessfully but now at startup of the virtual machine there pops-up the error-message from genuine which normally checks the license of your Windows version. So why isn’t this „feature“ turned off, this version is for free and provided from Microsoft themself anyway.. Hmm?

From Windows

Haven fun.. Cheers


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