Gettin‘ started with C

So far the following description will describe a very fast way how to compile a c-application under windows. You just have to install the Borland C Compiler which you can find under the following link: Borland C Compiler By the way you will find a detailed german description under next link: German Description

After the registration at Borland you will be redirected to the download-page. Just get the the compiler-package and install it. Add the path of the install-directory to your env-vars and type ‚bcc32‚ to the command line.

You then should be able to see the tool’s version and the command line options. Write a simple c-application and then type the following to compile your application:

From C Programming

After your programm compiled successfully you should see some output like this:

From C Programming

Hopefully this helps you to get started with C.

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