Archivia doesn’t work either

In my last post I tried to find a solution to learn maven to skip external, public repositories e.g. Ibiblio/repo1 if I invoke any maven-commands and only check the local and the internal maven-proxy. First I thought Archiva was the solution for my problem but I was wrong. Archiva will also behave like Mave-Proxy if I configure any remote repositories over Archivia’s web-interface.

So, I kept researching and after a while I found another maven-proxy called Artifactory. As I read the description I recognized the fact that Artifactory is a complete rewrite of the old Maven-Proxy with many new features. For a detailed overview please check out Artifactory’s official website.
So, filled with new hope I installed Artifactory and after a few configuration-troubles maven and this new proxy worked fine, but to my regret the feature I would like have also didn’t work so I decided to write a mail to Artifactory’s lead-developer and hope he will have a solution for my problem.

In spite of everything I would like to mention the cool Ajax-based feature of Artifactory’s repository-browser and pom-preview. The following picutres shows the login, the browser, a right click on a pom-file and the preview.
From Maven
From Maven
From Maven
From Maven
I also found a thread on Nabble where two workarounds are described but both of them didn’t work with my environment. So please, if you have any ideas let me know! *help*



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