BBQ @ Wood-Quarter ;o)

… some new pix from the last easter-weekend. Hmmm… it was BBQ-time and the weather was also perfect. A great w/e with my family and here are the pix:

From Easter Weekend
From Easter Weekend
From Easter Weekend
From Easter Weekend
From Easter Weekend



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9 Antworten zu BBQ @ Wood-Quarter ;o)

  1. marcus praetorius schreibt:

    Claus is a pretty cool guy – driven and smart, not as good looking as me – but you can’t win em all. He’s my cousin in austria and I have no idea what he says when he speaks in software lingo.Claus – nice work!

  2. Anonymous schreibt:

    Ist das der Marcus, der jetzt in Australien lebt und mal in Krems beheimatet war? Dann würd mich brennend interessieren, wie’s ihm jetzt so geht …. John-Denver-Fan aus Tirol

  3. Claus Polanka schreibt:

    Yes, that’s him. He’s my cousin. Just write me an e-mail if you have more questions.Cheers

  4. Anonymous schreibt:

    Did u get my message? john-denver-fan

  5. Claus Polanka schreibt:

    Jep, my mom contacted him via mail and waits for his answer. I’ll write you as soon as I receive more information.Cheers

  6. marcus praetorius schreibt:

    hmmmm john denver fan aus tirol…..why don't you email me directly……cheers

  7. Sageniuz schreibt:

    @marcus: don't think they will ready your comment… they asked for you a very long time ago… wuz up @ yours… everything olreid overthere?cheers

  8. Anonymous schreibt:

    …. they did! email-adress still correct? cheers

  9. Anonymous schreibt:

    Nice fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you for your information.

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