IBM Rational Clear Case vs. Continuum Build Server

and how to install a Business Module on a Build-Server. I haven’t blogged for a long time now because I was/am very busy at work and also university starts next week and I had/still have to do some prep-work for it.
In this post I’d like to write a tutorial about how to install a Business Module on the Continuum Build-Server. This so-called Business Module is a company-specific multi-module Maven-project which stands under version-controll of IBM’s Rational Clear Case.
In the following screenshot you’re able to see the directory-structure of the Business Module in an Editor-View of Clear Case on my local workstation. This view shows a so-called Dynamic View of the Business Module.
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My upcoming task is to create a View of the Business Module’s Integration Stream on another workstation within the company’s intranet. Why do I have to do this?

The Continuum Build-Server only handles Maven-Projects on the same machine as the server is installed. God thanks on this server there is also a version of IBM Rational Clear Case installed so it won’t be a problem to get the Business-Module deployed on Continuum.

So, the first thing to do is to start a Remote-Desktop-Control and connect to the server where everything is installed. The next step is to open the Project Explorer which is a sub-application of Clear Case. You will be able to see this explorer in the next screenshot.

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You now have to select the Business Module’s Integration Stream of which you want to create a View. In my case I have to select the OMDev_Int. Right click the Integration Stream and choose ‚Create View…‘

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A new window will pop-up. In this window you can leave all the selected options and click Next.
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Now choose the directory where you would like to copy all the Business Module’s files and optionally enter a corresponding comment and then click next.

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In the wizzard’s next screen you are able to choose the components which you would like to copy to your workstation. In my case I only need the OMSrc component. Click next. A confirmation screen appears and again click next.
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Now all the sources will be copied to the path which you have entered a couple of screens before.
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If everything worked out fine you should see a ‚View successfully created‘-screen as the following.
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Now open your Clear Case Explorer and press Alt+F5. This shortcut will refresh your Clear Case View Shortcuts and then you’ll be able to see the new Business Module with all your chose components.
From Misc

New Business Module wiht Src-component.

From Misc
The next step is to install the Business Module on Continuum Build-Server. So, open your Web Browser and start your Continuum installation.

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Login and press the ‚Maven 2.0+Project‘ button under the category ‚Add Project‘.
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Now here comes the tricky-part. Continuum will have problems with your pom.xml file because it stands under version-control and hence it is read-only. Here comes the workaround: You have to create a new pom-file and call it something like ‚pom1.xml‘.

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Now you will have to copy the whole content of the original pom and paste it to the newly created one. Continuum has problems with mulit-module projects so if you want to browse for the file you have to delete all the modules, assumed you have configured one in the pom-file, and then Continuum won’t have any troubles anymore.

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After pressing the Submit-button you should see something like the following screen:

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Now you can confiugre your build-settings for the new Business-Module. If you also have a multi-module project you will ask yourself how it will work that all the modules which you have deleted previously in your pom1.xml will now also build in Continuum. The answer is: If you configure your Build Definition you will be able to configure the old pom.xml by passing the path to it. You can see my settings in the following screen:

From Misc
So now, if you invoke the build with these settings all the sub-modules will also be build. Tricky ha, but very effective ;o) You don’t believe me? Swich to your ‚Working Copy‘-view of your project and then you will see all modules which are configured in your original pom.xml file.
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And, what’s your result? Are you also able to see something like the follwing:
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Happy Mavin‘-Continuumin‘-CCin‘


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