Java Certificates Prices

In my last post I tried to find out how much Java Certificates do cost in Vienna but I couldn’t find the right information on the WIFI-Website. So I called the WIFI’s IT-Center on last Monday and they gave me more information about these Certificates. They told me to go to the Prometric-Website and there I was able to find the prices for all Certificates. You just have to select your country and then you have to choose the Client and the corresponding Program. I chose Sun Microsystems / Sun Microsystems and then you will find all possible exams and prices. The following list shows all exams which I’m currently interested in:

Sun Microsystem:

  • 310-019 Sun Certified Associate Java Platform SE Exam Version 1.0 210 Euro
  • 310-027 Sun Certified Developer For J2SE 210 Euro
  • 310-035 Sun Certified Programmer For The Java 2 Platform 1.4 210 Euro
  • 310-051 Sun Certified Enterprise Architect For J2EE Technology 210 Euro
  • 310-055 Sun Certified Programmer For The Java 2 Platform SE 5.0 210 Euro
  • 310-061 Sun Certified Enterprise Architect For J2EE Part 3 210 Euro
  • 310-065 Sun Certified Programmer For The Java 2 Platform SE 6.0 210 Euro
  • 310-081 Sun Certified Web Component Developer For J2EE 1.4 210 Euro
  • 310-091 Sun Certified Business Component Developer Java EE Platform 5 210 Euro
  • 310-220 Sun Certified Developer For Java Web Services 210 Euro

Today I also found out that some of my colleagues at work would also like to get a Java Certificate (310-055) We are now making preparations together at work for the corresponding exam. A Wiki also was created to organize and save all information online so that everyone who joins the learning-group will be always up to date on the latest information.


I’m very excited about learning for this exam and I’m dying to get more exams in the future. So, the next step is to find out the date when the next exam will take place. As soon as I know all possible dates I will let you know in another post.



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