Maven 2 | Nice Articles and Discussions

In this post I’d like to provide a link-list of new Maven 2 articles and discussions. After reading the actual post on Alexander Schatten’s Software Engineering Weblog about using Maven 2 as a standard build tool I kept on researching the following links:

So, if you are interested in Maven and you alredy have some experiences with this build-tool, you really should check out those links and maybe they will give you some new ideas for your build management. I will have a look at the Ruby-build tool for Java-projects which is called ‚buildr‚. You will find a short but good introduction to it’s project-structure and it’s build-life-cycle in the following German blog-post. Why I think I should check out this tool? The project-structure and also the life-cycle look almost the same as Maven’s does and that it can’t be that hard to switch Maven projects to buildr projects, but of course I also may be wrong. I will write about my buildr experiences in future blog-posts. That’s it for now and my second entry on my new weblog. Of course my old weblog will live on and I won’t shut it down because you will find a lot of (how I think) nice posts about many cool technologies and my experiences with them.

In other news: In my last entries on my old weblog I wrote about getting a Java Certificate and that my colleagues at work are also interested in getting one. Also we thought about learning together for the exam and finally on next Monday (4th of February) we have our first session. It will be a Kick-Off and there we will discuss general topics such as organization and time management. We will also have some discussions about how to get prepared and how we are going to learn for the exam. So, I really should prepare myself a little on the weekend although tomorrow is my 26th birthday. Anyway I shouldn’t see this prep-work as personal torture should I? Strebersmiley

Cheers and have a nice weekend.


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