How To Install Continuum v1.1 Under Windows Vista

Yes, the actual version of Continuum, by the way Continuum is a Build-Server which was developed for Maven Projects, works under Windows Vista. After you have downloaded and installed the application and you are going to use Subversion as your scm-tool be sure that you have added the Subversion-installation path to your path-variable under your system-variables. Not under your user-variables because Continuum won’t find the svn-command.

Continuum v1.1 Subversion

Then, everything should work fine and you will be able to build Maven 2 projects with Continuum under Vista. If there are any other flashy errors under Vista I will write about them in upcoming posts. If you already have experiences with Continuum, you are welcome to add any comments. Everything would be very helpful. For example it wasn’t possible to install Continuum as Windows Service under Vista but I have to admit I haven’t spent much time on researching to find any solution for this problem.

At work we use ClearCase UCM (Redbook) as SCM-Tool and since Continuum’s current version 1.1 it is also possible to use the UCM version of ClearCase without any workarounds although to configure the right connection-URL wasn’t that easy but after all everything works fine at the moment and all of our ClearCase-projects are running on our build-server.

I’ve also tested the possibility to use different JDK and Maven 2 versions under Continuum for your build-definitions by first creating a new Installation (Tool => JDK or Maven2) and then you are able to define new Profiles which you can use for your daily builds. Overall, Continuum v1.1 has a lot of new features and so far it looks very stable. If you use Maven 2, Maven 1, Ant or shell-script based projects you should check out this out.

In other News: Last Saturday I had my 26th birthday and I got a lot of great presents. Here are four of them:

EJB3CoverKlein2 buchRcp33 cover-big Java_EE_5456eb68bda21d

Now I have a big problem… which should I read first ? Which book would you prefer?


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