Tech-Talks to watch

Steve Freeman: Agile Testing videos, Listening to Test Smells, Sustainable Test-Driven Development (Bereits gesehen, Sehr gut), Mock Roles Not Object States

Michael Feathers: Design Sense – Cultivating Deep Software Design Skill (Bereits gesehen und darüber geschrieben. Absolutes Must-See!)

Stefan Lieser & Ralf Westphal: Clean Code Developer

J.B. Rainsberger: TDD for Managers, Integration Tests are a Scam

Robert C. Martin: Bad Code, Craftsmanship, Engineering, and Certification (Bereits gesehen und darüber geschrieben), CleanCode 3 – Functions

Dan North: Irresponsible architectues

Jason van Zyl: Maven, Comprehensive Project Intelligence: Apache Maven, Nexus, Hudson and m2eclipse

Stefan Tilkov: Pragmatic Architecture Recipes for Cloud Computing

Andreas Almiray: Java Testing on the Fast Lane, Introduction to Groovy

Neal Ford: XP in Practice, The Productive Programmer: Mechanics

Howard Lewis: Tapestry 5: Java Power, Scripting Ease!, Tapestry 5: Java Power, Scripting Ease

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock: What drives design?

John Smart: Acceptance-Test Driven Development – Bring Developers and Testers Together

Karin Lundberg: Get developers to Write Tests

Raghavan N. Srinivas: Java 6 update 10, ease of deployment and Java SE 7

Scott Davis: Groovy, The Red Pill: The Groovy Way to Blow a Buttoned-Down Java Developer’s Mind, Groovy, the Blue Pill: Writing Next Generation Java Code in Groovy

Robert Sabourin: What not to test!

Niclas Nilsson: The Pair Programming Show, Comparing IoC containers (Spring, Guice, Tapestry 5 IOC, HK2)

Ben Gidley: Tapestry 5 in Action (for real)

Guillaume Laforge: Writing Domain-Specific Languages with Groovy

Jeff Sutherland: A Practical Roadmap To Great Scrum

Lasse Koskela: Scrow, GUIDe for Saving Face, Driving Features into Your Systems with ATDD

Scott Bellware: Test-Driven Web UI Development

Douglas Crockford: The JSON Saga, JavaScript: The Good Parts

Oren Eini aka Ayende Rahien: IoC and Dependency Injection; Breaking out of dependency hell

Mikael Tollefsen: Creating attractive clients with NetBeans Rich Client Platform

Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine: Dynamic languages and frameworks in an enterprise application server world – an approach with GlassFish v3

Filip Neven: Easy and maintainable enterprise testing with Unitils

Johannes Brodwall: Extending Continuous Integration: Implementing a full value chain from development to production in Java EE

James Weaver: Hands on JavaFX

Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen: How I learned to love and hate web-testing

Bill Venners: Introducing the Scala Programming Language

Aslak Hellesøy: Introduction to Behaviour Driven Development


Maxim Zakharenkov: Latest debugging techniques for Swing applications

Trond Arve Wasskog: Mutation testing – Code coverage 2.0

Jørn Ola Birkeland: Managing wicked projects – a survival guide

Kevlin Henney: Objects of Desire

Arjen Poutsma: RESTful Web Services with Spring

Ole-Martin Mørk: Refactoring Maven Projects

Alef Arendsen: Spring == XML, XML == sucks therefore Spring == sucks?

John Davies: The Enterprise without a Database

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