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Artifactory Dependency Viewer

Here are some nice digrams of my bookstore dependencies. Your able to see all direct and all transetive dependencies. You just need to use Artifactory as your Maven-Proxy and then you can get the Dependency Viewer which generates those cind … Weiterlesen

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Artifactory 1.2.1-rc1 released

Today I changed my Artifactory maven-prox version from 1.2.1-rc0 tp 1.2.1-rc1. Just copy the bin, lib, webapp and artifactory.jar to your existing artifactory application and overwrite it. Then restart your proxy and everything just should work right. To get the … Weiterlesen

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Maven & Co

Today, I decided to set up myself a reference-environtment with the following technologies and how you have to configure this tools that they work properly together. The following list shows all technologies and their versions I’ve used to set up … Weiterlesen

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Archivia doesn’t work either

In my last post I tried to find a solution to learn maven to skip external, public repositories e.g. Ibiblio/repo1 if I invoke any maven-commands and only check the local and the internal maven-proxy. First I thought Archiva was the … Weiterlesen

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