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IBM Rational Clear Case vs. Continuum Build Server

and how to install a Business Module on a Build-Server. I haven’t blogged for a long time now because I was/am very busy at work and also university starts next week and I had/still have to do some prep-work for … Weiterlesen

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Continuum vs. Derby and how to…

… stop an invoked build on the build-server (Continuum) which seems to run in an endless loop. Yesterday, it was the first time we had a problem with one of our projects on the build-server. After a three hour build … Weiterlesen

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Maven & Co

Today, I decided to set up myself a reference-environtment with the following technologies and how you have to configure this tools that they work properly together. The following list shows all technologies and their versions I’ve used to set up … Weiterlesen

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