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Upcoming Events

There will be two pretty cool events within the next two months which I really look forward to. The first event is about Agile Software Development with Visual Studio Team System and is held on the 30th January in Vienna. … Weiterlesen

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My X-Mas Presies

I hope your Christmas holidays were also as recreative as mine were although I had a lot of university work to do and still I haven’t finished all of it. I’m really looking forward to February because in that month … Weiterlesen

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How to blog with MS Word 2007

In this post I’d like to show you how to use MS Word 2007 as a Client for your Blog-Posts. First of all you need three things: A functional blog. I use Blogger Webspace for pictures. Blogger interacts very smoothly … Weiterlesen

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Vista Sidebar under XP…

… and it worx fine! How To Cheers

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In this post I’d like to show off with some new buzzwords. Have you already heard about WPF or WPF/E or even Silverlight? Have you ever read the phrase“I’m a Java-Developer, now I think in Adobe Flex 2″? What a … Weiterlesen

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Degree or no degree @ Microsoft

Under the following two links you will a find two very nice videos about job recruiting at Microsoft. You will get information about how to get hired, if you need a degree to get hired and what else you should … Weiterlesen

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