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How to blog with MS Word 2007

In this post I’d like to show you how to use MS Word 2007 as a Client for your Blog-Posts. First of all you need three things: A functional blog. I use Blogger Webspace for pictures. Blogger interacts very smoothly … Weiterlesen

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NetBeans 6.0 | A little JPA Example

In this post I’d like to show you how to use JPA in NetBeans within a Java SE application. First of all you have to create a database and call it something like TestDB. I called my database ‚Medienverwaltung‘ because … Weiterlesen

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How 2 Test PL/SQL with Oracle 10g | Part 1

In this post I’m going to show you how to test simple PL/SQL queries on an Oracle 10g database. Because this year I focus on databases I’ve decided to attend ‚Database Management Systems‘ which is a lecutre at my university. … Weiterlesen

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RMI with NetBeans 6 Beta 2

Please don’t let mislead you because of this post’s title. NetBeans doesn’t have any special features for RMI support. I’ve only chosen this title because I’m going to develop my RMI-Service in NetBeans 6 Beta 2 which is my favourite … Weiterlesen

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How To Rename Colums in Derby DB and NetBeans 6 Beta 2

Yesterday, I showed you how to create foreign keys in Derby DB within NetBeans 6 Beta 2 database tools. After I thought I had finished this tutorial I noticed a little mistake in my ‚PRUEFEN‘ table of my database. The … Weiterlesen

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Foreign Keys in Derby with NetBeans 6 Beta 2

Although NetBeans 6 Beta 2 provides several convenient tools for working with databases it was not possible to create a table and set foreign keys without using SQL statements. So how did I set those foreign keys in my tables … Weiterlesen

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C over a Terminal in Gutsy Gibbon

Today I’d like to show you how to write an ‚Hello World‘ application in C language under Ubuntu 7.10 Codename Gutsy Gibbon over a terminal without using an IDE. If you have the same version of Ubuntu (VMWare Image) as … Weiterlesen

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