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Vista la Mac

U have 2 check this tool out. The following screenshot shows the result: ;o) Cheers Advertisements

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Vista Sidebar under XP…

… and it worx fine! How To Cheers

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SMSn 4 F-R-E-E

Yeah, I found a website which allows you to send free sms. You just have to register your mobile-number and then you can start sending free sms. There’s also a sidebar-gadget for Windows Vista… That R-O-C-K-S! From Misc Have fun … Weiterlesen

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Windows XP SP2 Image 4 F-R-E-E

Since I’ve installed Vista Ultimate on my notebook, by the way I’m very happy about this decision, I booked a lot of Vista Blogs to receive the newest information about the new OS. In my last post I summarized the … Weiterlesen

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Vista Blogs

Finally I installed the ‚Ultimate‘ version of Windows Vista on my notebook and except the fingerprint-scanner and some of the notebook buttons everything works fine. Of course HP provides all the drivers which are necessary to work vista faultless on … Weiterlesen

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